5 Steps to Packing for a Smooth International Delivery

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Thinking of taking your business to new heights?

Our global network means opportunity for your products to reach customers all around the world, from New Zealand to South Africa. With the longer journey and customs requirements, however, packaging plays a more crucial role in making or breaking your products.

As we understand it can be daunting when you’re first starting out, we’re here to help make sure your parcels arrive on time and in the same condition as when you sent them off!

Step 1 – Assess
Get familiar with the contents of your shipment and take note of:

  • Weight, Size, and Shape – The box housing your contents should be strong and spacious enough to support them.
  • Fragility – Extra cushioning and special handling can help keep fragile goods safe.
  • Humidity – Shipments travelling in high humidity might benefit from extra protection.
  • Customs Regulations – Check if your destination country requires special documents and packaging.

You can now execute steps 2-4 effectively.

Step 2 – Choose
Be sure to choose quality packaging to protect your shipment. Consider:

  • Material – Use high quality corrugated cardboard boxes.
  • Strength – Look out for the manufacturer stamp or check with your packaging supplier on the box’s construction type and strength.
  • Size – Ensure the box is not under- or overfilled.

Step 3 – Pack
Place cushioning (e.g. bubble wraps and foam peanuts) on the base of your chosen box and ensure the contents are in the centre, at least 6 cm away from the walls and corners. Then, fill all empty spaces with extra cushioning to avoid having contents move around during transportation.

Step 4 – Seal
Use pressure sensitive tapes of at least 48mm in width (e.g. polypropylene tape and fiber-reinforced paper tape) and seal all edges and seams with the H-taping method. This will keep contents in the box secure.

Step 5 – Label
Place your shipping label on the top surface of the box, making sure it is clearly visible. This will help ensure your parcel moves smoothly through the network.