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Custom Clearance Malaysia

What do I need to know about Custom Clearance Malaysia?

Yes, DHL Express Malaysia performs customs clearance for all shipments imported into Malaysia as it acts as a broker on behalf of its customers.

No, an importer does not need to appoint DHL as a Clearance Agent as it is not required by the RMCD (Royal Malaysian Customs Department) for Express Courier Companies.

Customs clearance process will start when we (DHL Express at Destination Country) receive the invoice and other relevant document image from DHL Express at the origin country.

In Malaysia, the shipment will only be cleared and released once all payment of duties and taxes have been paid. A shipment may also be released by Customs before shipment arrival. However, if there are any issues with the shipment and documentation, shipment release may take 24 to 48 hours after the arrival of the shipment.

In order to perform customs clearance, a full set of complete invoice and the air waybill are required. If the item shipped is a controlled/restricted or prohibited, additional permit/license may be required by the authority.

Yes, this is allowed by Customs. However, shipments which are controlled and restricted may require clearance to be completed after arrival as there may be customs examination required and additional documentation needed from the importer.

Customs Form No 1 (K1)Declaration of goods imported
Customs Form No 2
Declaration of goods to be exported
Customs Form No 3
Application/ Permit to transport goods from Peninsular Malaysia to East Malaysia or vice versa
Customs Form No 8
Bonded Movement of Dutiable and Non Dutiable Shipments in Malaysia
  • Item requires permit from a government agency
  • Pending clearance approval from Importer
  • Pending duty and tax payment confirmation by Importer
  • Item requires physical examination by Customs or Other Government Agencies
  • Valuation Related Issue – Item Value is not agreeable by Customs, may require Proof of Purchase from Importer
  • Classification Issue – Customs is not agreeable with the item classification, may require catalogue or technical information of the item
  • Insufficient Invoice provided during pick up at origin
  • Temporary Import and Repair and Return Shipments require Physical Examination by Customs
  • Expired Exemption
  • Duties and Taxes exceed RM5000 – requires a direct cheque/payment by importer
  • Shipment is confiscated by Customs or Other Government Agencies

Requesting a Duty and Tax Drawback must be done by the importer as DHL does not perform the drawback process.

DHL is only able to assist for Duty and Tax Calculation and provide that information to importer if they wish to perform a duty drawback.

DHL is only able to assist for Duty and Tax Calculation and provide that information to importer if they wish to perform a duty drawback.